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Has anyone had any passthrough issues? I've noticed on all the servers passthrough is disabled...

I need to use passthrough and its no longer an option in wowza cloud servers. I’ve also tried using some all passthrough livestream setups but they won’t let me start the stream.

Hi @Cody Richardson, we do offer this in Cloud. Do you want to reach out to tech support through a support ticket to see what the problem is?

Here is the doc:

Hi @Cody Richardson, I understand our sales support team is speaking with you and explaining what plans you can use for this. I’m sorry for any confusion and frustration that you experienced.

I am also seeing that there are no longer any server locations with the “PASS” option listed like there used to be, and as described in the doc article provided by Rose above. We haven’t changed our subscription plan. Has this feature been removed from some plans? I didn’t receive any notification of a change like this. What will happen to the passthrough streams we created in the past?

Thank you.

Hey Shane yes you need to change to 24x7 streaming or api. I changed to api and everything is working with passthrough

Hi Cody,

Thanks for the reply. It’s astounding to me that Wowza would make a change like this and not provide ANY warning or notification! Did you receive any official communication from them about this change?

My business doesn’t need 24x7 streaming. And I’ve never used api. Can you provide links with more info on what this entails?

Thanks so much!

Yes I went with api it has same GUI layout but no build in hours for live streaming so everything is on top- I think under $20per month.