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Has anyone used the Axis P8221 I/O device to add audio to a stream?

I’m looking to upgrade my current system to use higher quality audio. I am using Axis cameras, and my current camera has a built in microphone but the quality is not very good. I’m looking to upgrade to a higher resolution camera but I can’t find many options with audio. In addition, I’m looking to get a professional quality balanced audio stream rather than a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

The Axis P8221 has an XLR jack as well as RS232/422/485 and I/O jacks. It is listed as an accessory for cameras, but doens’t seem to have any configurations that tie it to a camera. This seems to indicate that it would require a dedicated stream for the audio.

I have checked out the AVMixer plugin and this seems like it will do what I want.

Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest simply looking to the Axis V5914 or V5915 series cameras. They are pricey, but they offer every bell and whistle you need for streaming. Broadcast Quality 1080p @ 60fps, and 128k AAC Audio w/ XLR Jacks right on the camera. $1500 for the 720p version, $2500 for the 1080p. Well worth it!

If not, you will need to interleave the audio stream and video stream together with a JAVA plugin server side… And you will be riddled with time stamp and audio de-syncing and having to use FFMPEG to correct all your videos… I’m speaking from experience in these matters.