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Having trouble getting my livestream to play via Wowza Player.

Hello, I’m having trouble getting my livestream to play via Wowza Player on my website. We had been using JWplayer to play the stream, but I cannot get Wowza player to work correctly at this time. Possibly someone could point out what I’m doing wrong? The test page I’m working on is located here:

Hello! Our cameras are Sony PTZ cams, run through a Blackmagicdesign ATEM switcher, and a Datavideo NVS-25 hardware encoder. Then our signal is sent to our streaming partner to be processed by Wowza Streaming Engine. This has worked fine for us, for the most part, so far- as I said, we had been playing the stream on our website via JWplayer, which no longer works for some people depending on browsers. That page is still active right now as well:

Hello Thomas,

Looking over your source code, I see both players on the same page. They appear to be conflicting, so within the browser console the message below is seen:

No suitable players found and fallback disabled

If you remove the jwplayer embed details from the page and save, you should see the Wowza Player load.

I hope this helps.

Wowza Support

Hello Thomas,

I see a player conflict in your source code. The JWPlayer and WowzaPlayer scripts are both living in the page. As a result, the browser console shows me this messge: “No suitable players found and fallback disabled”.

Remove the JWPlayer embed code and save the page. It should then reload the Wowza Player.
I hope this helps.

Wowza Support Team

Ok Mac, I see how you were looking at it now. is the only page I’ve been trying to make Wowza player to work on. Wowza player loads up but won’t play. The other page I’ve referenced, is my old streaming page which I’m working to phase out. I’m not trying to get Wowza player to load on that page, just leaving JWplayer there for the time being. Thanks for you responses though!

Ok well just making sure you know that Wowza player only supports HLS or WOWZ protocols. So you are using an m3u8 HLS playback link in the Wowza player? Does the Wowza player when you test it from our site or from wowza manager? Is it not working only from within your website?

What are you using as a camera source? What protocol are you playing back? We need more info to help.

Also, can you please make sure you are entering your wowza player key which is different than your Engine license key or Cloud credentials? Do not post either in here though please for your privacy.

I’m not seeing the JWplayer embed on the page in Wordpress. I’ve deactivated the JWplayer plugin, but nothing changed.

So, I see the WowzaPlayer load correctly on this page: (no reference of 2 players)

But this page is still broken:

Here is some of what I see in your source code regarding jwplayer still:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

sources: [{    file: "rtmp://"   },{    file: ""}]


I did run a test pushing to your server and saw playback. I suspect there is something with the source encoding taking place. It may be easier for you to just log a case with the Support team to deep dive with you as it may be something needing to be tweaked on your Wowza Server.


I am using a m3u8 playback link. The player does not play on my website, or on the Wowza player builder page on

Does Wowza player require a valid SSL cert on the server it’s playing back from?