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Hello i have aws window instance window server 2019 will wowza work on it

I am able to use websrtc on aws instance error coming unable to publish

Welcome to the forums first of all!

Some questions:

  1. Did you configure an SSL certificate first which is required for WebRTC?
  2. What is the workflow? Is the source WebRTC or just playback?
  3. What is the error message you see in the logs?

Pay special attention the BEFORE YOU START section of doc below.

We would need this info to troubleshoot. Thanks.

i have followed the same video

but still Publish failed. Unable to connect. this is coming

I am using this on aws windows instance

Honestly, if it works on windows 10 i will assume it should work there too. Just keep an eye out for install time errors/runtime errors in logs and console and most importantly SSL configuration… Are you able to stream RTMP, RTSP, etc on the system? That will tell you if the server itself is working properly.