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Help finding server solutions

I’m needing to buy the hardware to build a rack server, for 500 users, capacity for Hyperv in the future. Scalable to accomodate 30% growth within 3 years, up to 650 users, all licsensed windows server 2012 with CALs. Each user needs 5GB of HD space for storage. Initial budget is 40k including licsensing. But I can go over a little bit if it’s justified.

Can someone tell me the best products to get, I’m only in my second year of computer science and I’m a bit of a novice in the server world.

I need:


Motherboard to support virtualization

Video specs

HD specs

Type of interface for HDs

Network Interface type- thinking one single 10GB NIC?


case type


Licsensing solution for the 500, up to 650 users

any software i might need