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help to stream weekly radio show

OK, I am a Wowza noob, haha. I am so lost, I really need some help.

I currently broadcast a weekly radioshow using Microsoft Expression Encoder from my home and my own Windows 2003 server a couple of thousand miles away. Problem, of course, is not everyone can hear the broadcast because it is setup using Windows Media Player.

I have installed Wowza on my Windows 2003 server. I have figured out that I can use Winamp to ingest the audio from my Expression Encoder and I can output that via a shoutcast plugin.

I think that’s half the battle. What I need now is how do I connect the shoutcast output (mp3 or AAC) into Wowza. What does the html code for the player going to look like, all the examples I see end with a file and suffix and I know that is not right. I have read the documentation and I don’t fully understand it. I am not a stupid person, I did my whole windows setup my self but am just lost with Wowza.

I have tried the help forum here and got nothing.

I need concrete detailed examples and instructions on how to set this up. This port does this and use this port to do this, you know DETAILS.



I can help you with the setup of a working solution, we may have to look into a replacement for Expression Encoder though. Anyway, contact me at Skype (karelboek) or by email and we can discuss the possibilities and plan the implementation

Kind Regards

Karel Boek


Dear DougPA,

i’ve a great wxperience both windows media and wowza server, if you still searching a solution, you can contact me at:


skype: alessandro.marasco