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Help: WebRTC to many with ultra low latency


I’ve been reading and researching a lot about webrtc and latency and I really need some help with direction and approach for my use case.

Use case:

What I’m trying to build is a platform for battle rappers to compete online. I need three streams (two contestants and a host) that can communicate in real time and to also stream a music beat in the background to both preferably in real time for them. There will also be x amount of views/spectators, but it’s acceptable for them to receive a lag/latency.

Case study:

I note that instagram live is able to allow two people to communicate in real time, and suspect that the chat users/viewers actually experience a lag but this goes unnoticed by them.

Possible approach:

Given my use case, and my suspected instagram approach, is it possible (and the best approach?) to attempt to create a webrtc to connection between the two contestants, host and music stream and at the same time also feed all of those streams into wowza for HLS playback for the spectators?

Additional question:

Is this something I can do with wowza cloud, or are there more specific options available in the stand alone streaming engine, specifically surrounding webrtc options?

Any help or advise is greatly appreciated.

So, this is a bit outside the scope of Wowza WebRTC when it comes to the 2 people interacting live and rapping to a music track. We’re much better designed for live 1:1 chat or one live person to many viewers in webrtc. But you might be able to accomplish something very close to this though with WebRTC and HLS playback since you mentioned it may be ok to have a bit of a lag for the viewers.

I would suggest you submit a support ticket and our sales engineers can walk you through your options once they ask you a few more questions. We may even be able to do some custom Engine WebRTC work for you through our Pro Services team if that interests you. The engineers can chat with you about that in your ticket.

You can submit it here.

Thanks for your reply

Sure. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but engineers say it’s not easy to build with webrtc out of the box. Please do send a ticket and they can lead you in the right direction.