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Help with captions

Is wowza streaming cloud able to ingest cea 608 captions and broadcast ontextdata? I’m having trouble getting captions from wirecast to wowza to flowplayer.


Hi @Sean Green, did you type captions 608 in the wowza documentation search bar?

Did you already follow this doc?

You will need to see if FlowPlayer supports them. I would test if they are coming though on any of the Wowza test players that are compatible with your browser or in VLC player. If none of those work, then it is your config and you can submit a support ticket.

If they do work then you will need to research the support within flow player or use a different player.

Also, if you search this out forums, there are several discussions around 608 captions and you may find your solution there.

I have searched quite a bit and unable to find the answers. My questions is does wowza steaming cloud support converting cea 608 to ontextdata like wowza streaming engine does.

Ok I see, Let me confirm.

Wowza Streaming Cloud will pass through the 608 captions if they are embedded in the stream, but does not support converting them to ontextdata at this time for TTML output. You are correct @sean comber, this is only through Engine.

I would ask about it in our livestreaming slack @sean comber though because I think some external devs in there created some http providers to do this.