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Help With Determining Amazon EC2 type and load

We are currently running wowza an amazone ec2 instance (g2.2xlarge) for an application the live streams (one to many)… similar to periscope. The current instance runs about $500 a month, but wanted to know if would be a better value to run (2) c4.2xlarge instances instead which are $225 each a month and split the load. Would it be a better value as it’s about the same price, any experiences or other recommendations? with transcoding

Finding the g2.2xlarge can get to about 25 outgoing streams and about 100 viewers before it starts to get choppy.


The financial decision is ultimately yours to make. With that said, if you went to 2 instances you would also incur the cost of an additional Wowza Streaming Engine license. At the end of the day, I am not certain you would be saving enough to warrant the conversion or not.

As a resource, here are a couple articles to help guide you in your decision.

Transcoding Benchmarks

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I hope this helps.