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Help - Wowza startup problem on CentOS

I just installed Wowza Media Server 2 on a Linux machine running CentOS 5.4. However, I got the following problem when trying to use it,

  1. I installed the package from rpm and created conf/Server.license file and put license key into the file. When trying to run /etc/init.d/WowzaMediaServer start, the command line returns immediately OK. However, nothing happened after about 5 minutes (no logs generated, port 1935 is not alive). Not sure what is happening in that time. Then after about 5 minutes, logs will start flowing saying start started, etc. and server seems to be working fine.

  2. Running /etc/init.d/WowzaMediaServer stop won’t stop the server. After many tries to stop the server and failed, it tries to kill the server using kill command. But the Wowza processId seems to be changed by the stop command send to the bootstrap. As a result, stop won’t actually stop the process.

Can someone help me to identify what’s the real issue here?


These commands start and stop the Wowza service. In that case there is no logging to the console. Logs are only written to the access and error log in the Wowza logs folder. This is preferred mode for production. Wowza should restart if the server is rebooted.

If you want to see logs in the console, start Wowza in Standalone mode:


and shutdown:


This is a good mode for development and testing, because you can see the logs. But you need to keep the console open and Wowza will not re-start when you reboot the server.


Thanks for the update.


By seeing log, I mean checking the log files in logs directory. I’m using tailf to check the log file.

After issuing start command, there will be no log messages from log file until after about 5 minutes, messages start to show up similar to the following,

#Start-Date: 2010-09-16 08:43:48 MDT

#Software: Wowza Media Server 2.1.2 build24878

#Date: 2010-09-16



Tried to play with the configuration flags in the setup.env and found that the issue is caused by the following flag,


When this flag is commented out, everything works fine.