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High bandwidth usage

I’m streaming live video from an IP camera.

Approaching the stream using VLC player (RTSP), My Fortigate reports bandwidth usage of ~700 kb/sec. Re streaming the video through Wowza and displaying it using Flash player (RTMP), the reported bandwidth is ~1.5 Mb/sec.

I’m using latest Wowza release 4.0.3

Am I missing extra Wowza configurations here? How come the bandwidth is higher?


Not sure how, or what you are looking at, but Wowza just reflects streams, so it should not be different.

You can turn on cupertinostreampacketizer in the section of the Application.xml file to see cupertino chunks, download some of them and look at the actual bitrate, which is bytes * 8 /duration.

This guide explains how to download a cupertino playlist file:

How to test AES encryption for Apple HLS streams

Or you can record some of the stream, and look at its bitrate.


I’m not sure what you are seeing in your player, but you can see what goes in out and out of Wowza in the connectioncounts HTTPProvider, in the MessageOutBytes. And you can see bitrate per session by looking at Wowza logs, at x-event “destroy” rows and the sc-bytes (server to client bytes), cs-bytes (client to server bytes) and x-duration columns. The bitrate for a playback session is:

sc-bytes * 8 / x-duration


Cool, thanks for the update.


Hi Salvadore,

I recorded the stream. Found it to be with the same bitrate.

I hope it proves it and that the extra bit rates I see in my monitors caused by extra network traffic…


Hi Salvadore

Look what I have found:

Running Wowza flash player application: Byes in & out are equal ~600 Kbit/s

Running our own software that uses flash player: Bytes out goes up to 1.2 Mbits/s

Is there a configuration we are missing in implementing the flash player in our software that cause this high bandwidth from Wowza?