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High use bandwidth

I have an account at my wowza streaming engine with issue a little bit weird.

For example, the bitrate is 2Mb and have 10 users watch the live streaming so the use of bandwidth is more or less 20Mb/s~30Mb/s, right? But sometimes the use of bandwidth is 100Mb/s with 10 users online with bitrate 2Mb.

Are you using a SMIL file and doing adaptive bitrate streaming @Lucas Valentim?

Also, what resolution stream is going out and is this a different stream from case 1 to case 2? Meaning is there more action/motion or bits per pixel (BPP) in one stream vs the other? That can cause a huge jump in bandwidth. Let me know @Lucas Valentim…

Here is an article on how to optimize the video bandwidth:

No, I’m using stream name group.

Don’t have more action/motion in the second case and I think is the difference is huge, sometimes reach 200Mb/s with 10~20 users watch and the bitrate is 2Mbit.

hmmm…ok let me check with tech support to see if they have an idea what it could be or of they need a support ticket.

Ok, thanks.

Tech support has determined that this will require further analysis through a support ticket @Lucas Valentim.

You can submit one here: