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Hire a consultant to set up Amazon + Wowza + CDN

I would like to pay a consultant to help me set up and configure a wowza server 3.5 instance on my Amazon EC2 account and do a live-stream test from my Teradek Cube 255. I’ve got everything ordered and paid for, but I need help getting set up and configured.

Ultimate goal:

  1. Stream live video from my Teradek Cube 255 to Wowza for playback as HLS through a CDN. I don’t know which CDN is best - - - it sounds like maybe CloudFront as issues, but if not, I’m happy to use whatever. I need to stream at 3mbps or better at 1280x720, 30fps. This is going to a Roku box, which runs custom software I’ve written to play HLS streams. I know the Roku part works. The Wowza config part I need help with.

  2. Bonus points if you can show me how I can automate live-to-archived VOD functionality, so that once a 2hr event is over, it automatically turns into a VOD file, which I can then pass to my CMS (either Ooyala or another CMS I’m using)

  3. Extra extra bonus points if you can show me how to implement DVR capability so that if someone taps into the live-stream 1/2 late, they can rewind to the beginning of the live stream.


I’ll be glad to help you, contact me at and we can discuss the project and make this work.

Kind regards,

Karel Boek



We will be able to help you. If you are interested please contact me via email to continue the discussion: (please include a link to this thread in the body of your message).

Best wishes,

Polina Sapunova

Fora Soft LLC