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Hiring for configuring and reviewing installation

Please email or text 3012370401

Hiring for configuring and reviewing installation and also for seeing if we can place videos on an external bucket and then re-write the code of the existing installation to look for the videos over there but still protect them from access or theft by the public; finally, our host said the following don’t know if this is possible:


Just checking in after talking with Chris. I am still looking into possibly making things work better. However, it seems that the more memory we add to the server, the more memory Wowza wants to use.

I mentioned yesterday that we should try to scale down the wowza software by reducing the number of threads being created per CPU Core. The docs indicate that a large number of threads are created by default:

Handler Thread Pool Size = 60 x Processor Cores

Transport Thread Pool Size = 40 x Processor Cores

This could be a cause of the large memory usage in Wowza. Since threads are multipler, each one carries all the ram needed for itself and it’s libraries to operate properly and over creating threads can saturate a system’s ability to work properly by trying to juggle too many balls at one time. I would like to see these values reduced, if they are being used, to 50% of their current settings and then restart wowza to see if this reduces the amount of memory it is eating up.

I am not familiar enough with wowza to make that change though.

Hi @amado_arias, we just did a Streaming Engine webinar today that covered this exact question. Not sure if you were in there, but I can get you a link to the webinar recording where a wowza engineer discusses the cores and how to tune your Engine server to not eat up so much memory.

As soon as I have the link to the webinar from today, I’ll post it here for you.

If you go to 20:33 in the video, you will see Jason Tuchler go over thread pool size as well as additional info for optimal server tuning.

Much appreciated thanks much

Thanks for this video. I need to tune up my engine so this can help. I am also installing a new instance and want to ask some question on transcoding. choosing the best Nvidia card and how to use intel Quick Sync HW. I have never been able to upgrade my WSE, have to do full install which sometimes affect the services I provide using WSE.

Yes, I do understand not wanting to break anything in production while upgrading. What you can do is email and request a testing license. That way you can upgrade in a testing environment first and make sure all is ok. I always encourage people to open a support ticket when upgrading and have an engineer check the files and and run tests to make sure nothing will break when you switch from testing to production on the new Engine version.

As far as Nvidia cards, we have a lot of updated articles in our docs so check it out:

Lastly, feel free to ask and tag one of our community experts in the Streaming Engine forum like @Karel_Boek who can answer some of the more deep technical questions you’ve mentioned. He has a wealth of knowledge in all areas related to Engine. Hope it all works out well for you!