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HLS and Wowza Streaming Engine

I’m trying to make my own ios app similar to Wowza GoCoder but what confuses me is that it seems that GoCoder uses RTSP to send the stream to the Wowza server and not HLS. I thought that Apple required any streams more than 10 minutes to use HLS or do I misunderstand these concepts?

Could someone confirm my thinking? So a user uses a ios camera and I would use UIImagePicker or AVFoundation to access the ios camera then use HLS and a third-party encoder or transcoder like AWS transcoder to send the stream to the Wowza streaming Engine since I’m not using Wowza GoCoder to stream to Wowza Streaming Engine. Then I could use a third party site like AWS to deliver the video to users using the JWPlayer?

Thanks for your time


Currently you cannot publish HLS streams to Wowza Streaming Engine as that publishing protocol is not supported. Currently RTMP, RTSP and MPEG-TS are the supported Publishing protocols.

So as long as your App sends published streams in one of those protocols Wowza Streaming Engine can restream it for delivery. Your website can be hosted by you chosen provider. JW player

6 Premium edition, and above, supports HLS playback to the desktop