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HLS disable Video/Audio for specific viewers

We are developing a module for WMS and we need to cut/resume audio/video on live stream to specific clients.

In RTMP streams it is possible to do with:

public class EdgeStreamListener implements IMediaStreamActionNotify2 {
onPlay(IMediaStream iMediaStream, String streamName, double v, double v1, int i) {
Boolean video=false;
Boolean audio=false;
Determine if audio and video should be enabled

We have saved that iMediaStream in a HashMap and from external call to wowza we could change setRecieveVideo and setRecieveAudio values.

In RTMP that works like charm.

But with HLS it makes nothing.

Is there any implementation to cut/resume audio/video in HLS?

The connection shouldn’t be reset and the URL should remain the same.


Elliot Morales Solé

Hi Elliot,

This is possible with RTMP clients because they are persistent 2-way connections that allow the Wowza server to send commands to the player. Unfortunately, HTTP-based clients are request-based, non-persistent and non-interactive. If you are looking to stop the client from receiving audio/video dynamically, you may be able to do this by disconnecting the client’s existing connection, and redirecting subsequent connections until you are ready to resume the connection.