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HLS FlowPlayer live-stream on iPad problem


I was searching through many forums and manuals to find solution to HLS streaming for iPad/iPhone and nothing worked for me.

Here is last code what I tested (Player for Live streaming

[HTML]<!doctype html>

FlowPlayer-iDevice [/HTML]

I am using FlowPlayer 5.3.2 and wowza server.

Here are examples of players which I tested:

Please help with this issue.


To play the stream using HDS (Adobe Flash over HTTP) the url would be

url: "

To play the stream using HLS for Apple iOS devices the url would be

url: "

To add nDVR functionality you would add ?DVR to the end of the url as you have done above.


JW player 6 does HLS

And Flowplayer 5 does HLS, but we don’t have that documented yet.



I’m afraid you may have to take this up in the FlowPlayer forum as it’s an issue which has nothing to do with Wowza.

HTML5 should be the fallback for when the client doesn’t support Flash (RTMP). If that’s not happening then it does appear to be a player configuration issue.

If anyone has any useful information on the problem you’re experiencing I’m sure they will post the information you need.

As I said it should be taken up on the Flowplayer forum and given that it’s their player they should have an answer for you.



I tried many posibilities with the url, but right now I need to solve problem with player itself.

All the time iPad is telling me, that i use flash (even if I use code which is written here: ) , show just black rectangle or blank page.