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HLS hangs when switching from server side stream to live stream

I am repurposing the loop until live code to setup the server stream on request, and when publishing switch to the live stream. I am able to subscribe with HLS immediate after the stream is setup. But when publishing , the HLS stream playback fails but fragments are downloading.

So in this part, is not switching for HLS, a refresh is required

List playlist = stream.getPlaylist();

PlaylistItem currentItem = stream.getCurrentItem();

int currentItemIndex = currentItem != null ? currentItem.getIndex() : 0;

playlists.put(outName, playlist);

playlistIndexes.put(outName, currentItemIndex);, -2, -1, true);

Please send a support ticket so tech support can debug your issue. They do not debug in the forums since it requires full access to your code and logs. Thanks.