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HLS Latency Accumulation Due to RTMP Delay

Hello. My name is Logan.

Using the Wowza Streaming Engine, I have the following problem:

Since I use low latency Live communication(RTMP to HLS), I am developing an app with a delay of about 5-8 seconds(RTMP to HLS).

There is a problem that can not be processed within 1 second due to slow network when sending RTMP using GoCoder.

In such a case, the user who was watching the HLS cannot receive the video and playback is only possible when the network problem on the RTMP side is solved.

When HLS viewers play back with re-receipt, the delay time is longer because the existing delay time (5-8 seconds) is added to the network abnormal time.

When this happens, I want to keep the delay between 5 and 8 seconds even if I drop the frame.

How can I resolve this issue?

The best you can do in slow network conditions and HLS is adjust your HLS Cupertino settings in Engine in the Cupertino Streaming Packetizer:

Change cupertinoMaxChunkCount to 50, PlaylistChunkCount to 3 and MinPlaylist to 3.

It does provide an opportunity for clients/players to ‘catch up’ if there is connectivity issues.
You can see how to tune your HLS settings here: