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HLS live stream - Module access control

I would like to build a Java plugin for server which would help us overcome the only existing problem.

Currently multiple devices can access streaming with same token which should be prevented.

The goal is to allow only one device access per token. In order to do so I haven’t been able to find any Wowza Java docs which would lead me in the right direction. It would be helpful if I could do action when event of a client getting.m3u8 happens so I could prevent some of clients accessing the stream. Is this possible or do you have any other idea or suggestion for solving this issue?

Hi @vuk nikolic, I’m checking into this for you.

Have you looked this doc @vuk nikolic to see if any of these options will support your desired workflow?

Please let me know if it helped. Thanks!

I’ve reviewed everything, but I did not find the appropriate module.

I need instructions on how to execute method based on parameters from url on every onPlaylist (each time a client requests playlist.m3u8).

Something like in,

only that HTTPCupertinoStreamingSessionCreate occurs only the first time a client logs in, and i need every time a client requests a playlist.

Ok, thank you for sharing that. You’ll need to submit a support ticket then for the engineers to take a look with you on how to execute that. Thanks @vuk nikolic.

The engineers did share this info @vuk nikolic:

Secure Token can be configured to allow the token to be used for a single ip address but if you want to limit per protocol (same ip with different devices at the same time) then that isn’t possible with Secure Token.

If you want to add that functionality then you would basically need to roll your own custom token mechanism.