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HLS Live Stream player emulators?

Hi all, just curious if anyone has ever used a HLS Live stream player emulator to emulate multiple HLS player live camera requests to a Wowza Server? We would like this to be smart enough to parse the playlist file and make the appropriate requests to the Wowza server Live camera feed.

We would also like the ability to select how many simultaneous live stream requests to generate.

Not sure if anything like this even exists but I thought I’d ask this here before we consider developing one.



Hi Gary,

I’m not aware of a HLS player emulator which already exists but if you’re looking to load test a server you can request the Wowza load testing tool.

As far a concurrent connections are concerned there is little difference between Flash RTMP and HLS clients.

To be on the safe side you could knock 10% off the number you can achieve using Flash RTMP clients.


Thanks for the response Jason. I will do a quick test run with the Wowza Load test tool to see how much of it we can apply.

Shortly after posting this however, I did stumble across a product called IxLoad developed by Ixia which at a first glance appears to be a great fit but I’m still trying to figure out if the product is an software add-on to their existing hardware platform or is something we could just download and run.

These are the links if anyone else it interested.

  • Gary