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HLS + Mpeg Dash Live Edge Repeater also required on the origin

Hi there when configuring a live edge repeater for HLS and Mpeg Dash packetizers i’ve discovered the origin also requires the packetizers enabled for repeating to work.

ie wowza documentation requires this

cupertinostreamingrepeater, mpegdashstreamingrepeater, sanjosestreamingrepeater, smoothstreamingrepeater

It seems it is pulling HLS + Mpeg Dash from the origin which is also handling encoders publishing to it and repeating the RTMP stream between edge / origin.

I have also noticed packetizing is happening by default even without clients connected therefore may be causing quite a bit of load on the origin server ?

How is it possible to just do packetizing on the edge server ? Do I just use the original config


Also if there is a way to turn on packetizing on demand for live streaming that could be good ?

Let me know.


If looking at re-streaming HLS or DASH on the edge then you would enable those packetizers on the origin and set the equivalent repeaters on the edge. The origin will continue packetizing while the encoder is active. The edge will pull in those chunks when a client connects and starts playback.


I too wonder why this is required. Why can’t HLS packetizing happen on the edge servers only? This would make more sense when origin has a few hundred incoming streams. Also why can’t we decide which stream to packetize? Why does it packetize all streams no matter what? Not all incoming streams are going to be compatible with HLS so this becomes a big issue.

Hello PaltopVince,

If you set the Origin to use a Stream Target and push the stream to the Edge application, then the Edge application would be packetizing the streams and serving them up to client players.

This configuration would allow the Origin to not be involved with packetization for final playback.