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HLS playlist no longer shows full urls?


Trying to figure out whats up with our HLS feed / Roku Channel. When we first started using Wowza Streaming Cloud it was giving us full urls to the chunklist.m3u8 files, now it only shows partial urls, anyone else seeing this and or should this be affecting anything? The reason I ask is that our Roku channel is not currently picking up live video as it should be and was before. I can’t find anything else that has changed which might be affecting it.

Here is an example, the first part of the urls look like this


vs what it used to be

The HLS feed is working in Safari, but I think this is causing our Roku channel not to pick up live video?

I heard from Wowza support and they sent me the information below in the event any else has this issue.

"So, we did make a change on purpose to the relative urls. The reason was regarding the HTTP/HTTPS for the CDN and mixed content. However, on the 2 streams you have active on the account, we have disabled the relative urls for you manually.

If you create a new live stream at any point and need Roku compatibility, you can use the HDS/HLS playback option or create the HTTP option and send us a support request asking for us to disable the relative url option. "