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HLS Seek unaccurate


We use JWPlayer 6 and HLS-Stream. I want to seek on a time, but its unaccurate.


When i try to set the time in “0:49”, the player starts by “0:40”.

Is there any possibility to config the duration of the fragments?

Hi there, you have posted in the “find a consultant” forum. Unless you are looking to hire someone please post your questions in one of the support forums.

For RTMP seek, you can add this to the Application.xml /Streams /Properties container:


this will not affect seek in HLS client


Hi Osman … the lack of accuracy on the example is due to nature of HLS. When you seek in HLS, it will start on a segment, not the middle of it (video needs to start with a full Key frame). In this example, the segments are 10 secs, which you can see on the manifest definition. So, any jump in video will be on a 10sec factor.

You can modify that for sure when you control the content, either coming out of a streaming server or a static delivery (like this example) … you can’t control that from the player side.

Be careful modifying the duration of chunks as it will have effect on the streaming experience. The latency for downloading a chunk is important. Most player follow the HLS draft to keep in memory no more than 2+1 chunks of buffering content.