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HLS Video not playing in iOS but same video played in Android

I have setup the Wowza streaming engine 4.6.0, I have tried to play sample.mp4 video in Safari browser using Wowza test player(


Application: vod

Streaming: mp4:sample.mp4

The problem is,

I am trying to play the video in iOS player and Android player, in Android it is started streaming quickly and played as expected but in iOS player it is not started streaming, intsead it is started to load some data and then later(approx 10 mins) it is started to play.

So, I have tried the same video in Wowza test player in Safari browser and it is not started streaming but when it loads(I can see the dark spot in seek bar upto 20%) then it is started playing. I hope it supposed to play immediately and streaming the pockets.

Please help me out from this.


I see this was addressed in a ticket with Support (ticket #224823).


Andy E.