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[HLS] Web video player for Android, iOS and desktop PC


I’m searching about a web plugin able to display HLS streams (mutli-bitrate).

This plugin have to works on Android devices, iOS devices and all desktop web browsers.

Do you have it ?

I use JWPlayer but the desktop HLS support is available only in the paid Premium/Enterprise version.

There’s also the free MediaElement.js but it’s a bit clunky and I didn’t get to try it on Android.

Thanks a lot for your answer aergistal. JWPlayer is too much expensive for us.

I found a cross plateform web player named VODOBOX HLS Player. It works well with Android, iOS and IE / chrome / firefox. I have to try safari on mac.

Hello Support,

I will create live streaming application that have chatting functionality alongside of steaming video. We need application for iOS, android and web site. These feature is available on your services.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is better for use:

use Clappr (based on hls.js), it’s free :