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How can I fix my facebook stream on tricaster mini SD4?

I keep getting a script error message when I click post to Facebook form the browser window inside the tricaster Mini. It asks if I want to continue running scripts, whether I click yes or no the next window pops up that says Not Logged In, You are not logged in, please login and try again.

In the past when I first was able to stream on Facebook through Tricaster, and I click post to live i would enter the credentials to facebook in the small window that pops up but that option isnt there anymore. Please advise on what to do. Thank you.


I know there has been sometime since you posted this. Apologies.

Based on the question you have posed, the issue does appear to be an issue with the internal browser displaying the page you were attempting to access. This would have been better suited for the NewTek support team.

I do hope you have been successful since you posted this issue.


Mac Hill