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How can I get custom properties to stay after being saved?

So I am using the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager (through Internet Explorer), on a server. I am attempt to set custom properties on one of my applications so that I can set certain streams to auto-record. I have been following the instructions as written here and I was able to create the requested module (ModuleAutoRecord). When I attempt to configure the custom properties, I saved the custom properties and restarted the application and the properties never appeared on the properties page. I am not sure what to make of this.

Hi all,

I am running on version 4.7.7 and experience the same problem.

When following the instructions in regards to Properties

As soon as I click safe the added properties dissapear.

KR, Chris

Hi Erika, what instructions are you referencing? I see you’ve tagged this post “wowza streaming engine rest api” but I believe you are looking for assistance with Wowza Streaming Engine Manager. Can you confirm? What version of Wowza Streaming Engine are you running?

Thanks for letting us know the version you’re using. I’ll have the engineers test it and shall return with an update shortly.

Per tech support @Christopher Berger, this seems to be a permissions issue. It could be you may only have read access so the changes aren’t taking effect. Are you running the software as the Admin/Root user?

Can you see if you’re able to edit the

[Wowza Install]/conf/[AppName]/Application.xml file manually using a text editor?

If this allows the changes, check the permissions that Wowza Streaming Engine has vs the user you logged in as to make the manual edits.

Can you let me know how this turns out for you?

Thank you and I hope this helps.

Hi Rose,

the values were actually present in the mentioned Applicaiton.xml file. It was a bit missleading as in the Web Interface all the new entries are not showing up.

I simply started to add and change everything in the xml and got it to work.

Thanks for the fast response!

Best Regards, Chris