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How can i live stream from my phone to my pc for free

Hi everyone’
Is it possible in 2019 to live stream from my Samsung A70 to my pc?

I’m not interested in youtube and their 1000 subs before i can do anything as i will never have 1000 subs because the content is for myself only.

I walk late at night with my dogs through the woods and footpaths and want to live stream my walks to my PC for my own protection and for evidence if its ever needed.

Ive looked everywhere and i cant find anything that will work, websites want monthly payments, google wants you to have 1000 subs its all a mess, So i would like to stream straigh to my PC

Any help appreciated.

Hi @Simon Carter, there is nothing that we can offer for free other than a free 180 day trial, but after that Wowza, as you know, is a paid subscription.

But, you may have some luck asking this in our livestreaming slack channel where there are more discussions in general about streaming and a developer in there may know. I can’t think of anything that would be free, but maybe someone can tell you how to build it yourself. Good luck and stay safe!