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How can i pull a youtube live stream and use it as source url to wowza and re stream it?

i want to pull a youtube live stream and use it as source to configure streaming server, can someone tell me if its possible?

Is that your stream you’re broadcasting on You Tube? Due to security reasons and you tube permissions, you cannot pull it from You Tube and re-stream. If it were your own stream source, you could simulcast it to You Tube Live and several other social media platforms.


Video Tutorial:

Yes. It is possible.
We’ve been testing for a few weeks now. It works.
It is important that the source to youtube is of good (very good) quality.
…I just wonder if it’s completely legal.

Wowza 100% does not endorse this you pulling someone’s content on You Tube and re-streaming it on your channel. There are tools now to detect who has stolen your content to use as their own and the You Tube copyright rules are clear. You may have figured how to do it, but it is considered against the rules and there are consequences when caught if you don’t have the original creator’s permission.

Again, Wowza in no way endorses this.

That’s right.
That’s why I wrote - it’s not exactly legal.
but if my content is running on youtube and… then I upload it to Wowza… then I don’t think there’s a problem with that. Agreed?
Or if the owner wants it from YT to be downloaded and given to a private place.

Why … “someone’s”? Copyright.
But my streaming is still mine.
Why take away something the whole world is watching for free? I don’t know.
We have found one, maybe two uses for it at the moment. Legal.

I think sometimes there are movies or songs on YouTube by a publisher or channel who own copyright to it and as you watch it for free with ads they earn money and it gets advertised so that people can buy the DVD or audio media etc. hence downloading it or redistributing it is illegal but just listening to it is not.

But actually the real issue is questions should be framed a little diplomatically like … I have a YouTube video that I want to stream it via wowza or so. (Specially in forums) That keeps things within the frame of rule. After that it is up to the person what they will do …whether they abide by the law or not.

I agree with you.
I just answered the question -

Yes, it is possible.
How to use it is another topic.
Sometimes it is very useful.