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How can I set refererValidateImagePath??

Hi, I followed ‘How to control access to your application by checking referer domain’

but I dont know how to set refererValidateimagePath

I put a fig file in content forder and set custom setting below

and use this url for image tagging

i guess when i call ‘:1935//test.gif’ this url and i can download test.gif

but It doesn’t work

i only can see that sentence. Is there anything wrong with it?

please help me

thank you

Hello @byunghwa an, have you looked at the example source code on GitHub for refererValidate?

Thank you for replying.

The source that play the video when I click the GIF file on the player web page is complete.

But in this part, to insert test.gif

into the player web page, test.gif should be downloaded.

However I can not download the test.gif.

I understand that using the RefererValidate module will let me download the gif file as http and then

check the user’s domain and IP.

After that, play the video that I connected to the gif on the player web page source?

Is there something wrong with my understanding?

Hello @byunghwa an, I’d suggest opening a support ticket at this point so we can run some tests on what you have. You can do that here:

stackoverfollow will help you