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How can I test WEBRTC bandwidth?

Hello! I’m using wowza in trial mode to build my app (testing if it fulfill my needs)…
I want to set the video and audio bitrate automatically based on the user connection speed.
I would love to know how can I access wowza TURN server or something like that to make tests like this one

Thanks for the question @Augusto Russo. The bitrate is done in the javascript. The only real way to test bandwidth is for you to use javascript to download a set of increasing files (very small, say 10k - 100k, increments of 10k), time them and then determine bandwidth available. iIt doesn’t matter if the test is using WebRTC or not, as the bandwidth will be the same.

If you’d like to run some tests on bandwidth not specific to WebRTC, we do some have tools on how to do that here:

Please try out the below links on getting your estimated bandwidth usage.

Here’s a link for a load test tool:

Plus a link for Monitoring Usage:

Hey, thanks for the quick reply! I’m doing exactly what you suggested just wanted to check if there was another way to test it, through the TURN server for example… But if wowza does not expose it I’ll put my server side speedtest alongside wowza streaming engine so I can calculate the best videoBitrate for my users…

Thanks again for clarifying this for me (:

Just wanted to update this that for load or stress testing for WebRTC, you have both paid and unpaid options.

There are popular third party tools like Test RTC and Loadero. Many more if you google it.

Some devs prefer to create their own automated browser connections tests by using Docker and Selenium.

One of our most experienced dev customers shared with me that:

“Browser-based testing has other advantages too, you’re basically mimicking the user behavior 1-to-1, which can allow you to spot other issues. So one of these self-built automation tests wouldn’t only hit the Wowza server, but also all other servers involved, the site hosting, the APIs, the databases, everything.”

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