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How can I use MediaCache to point Wowza Streaming Engine to content on a PHP server


Is it possible to implement video on demand using Wowza’s Media Cache Sources to access/point to a content folder on a PHP server? If it is, how may I go about doing that?

Hello @Arnold Agaba,

You can find more information about the supported MediaCache configurations in the following support article:

Currently you can add Media Cache Sources for the following source types:

  • File. For re-streaming files from network-attached storage.
  • HTTP. For re-streaming files from HTTP-based servers.
  • AmazonS3. For re-streaming files from an Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Azure. For re-streaming files from a Microsoft Azure Blob storage account.
  • GoogleCloudStorage. For re-streaming content from a Google Cloud Storage bucket connected to a Google Cloud Platform service account.

Hi @Alex C thanks for your response. I had read through it but it was not clear on how this can be done and had trouble with implementation. Here is a screenshot of me attempting to point Media Cache Source to a content folder on a PHP server but when I provide the name of a video file to be played it fails.

Are there any other configurations that I need to set?

@Arnold Agaba

What is the playback URL you are using to test this?

It should be http://[wowza-IP]:1935/[vod-edge-application]/definst/mp4:http/sample.mp4/playlist.m3u8

Is the VOD Edge application configured to use the “test” MediaCache source?

Are you able to access the video file through your browser with the url you have in your screenshot?

Hi @Alex C the address I am using is is the address of my PHP server. I tested the URL using the GoCoderSDK Player and WOwza’s test player but no success

Hi @Alex C it works on my browser. How can I configure a VOD application to use the ‘test’ Media Cache Source?

@Arnold Agaba

Details on setting up the MediaCache source, then the application to use that source as well as testing playback is all in the following support article:

I linked you directly to the application creation part, but feel free to scroll up to the top of the article and look around for other topics.

Once you setup the VOD Edge applicaiton and point it to the MediaCache source, your playback URL that you test with should be:


Hi @Alex C I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am attempting playback from the Android GoCoderSDK but isnt working. I have followed the article setting my media cache source as my XAMP server as:

base path :

sample content path:

I have my VOD Edge application using the media cache source I set and in the Android gocoder sdk my connection settings are:

Host Address:

Port Number: 1935

Application Name: mediacache

Stream Name: mp4:upload/sample.mp4

But video is not playing.