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How can LoopUntilLive module recognize a multi-bitrate live stream from Transcoder?


We currently use the LoopUntilLive module and it’s working well. How can I use the transcoder add-on along with the LoopUntilLive setup so that when we start streaming the LoopUntilLive video will stop and the live adaptive bit-rate video from the transcoder will start?



Hi Harold,

Once a live stream source is active (i.e. it is listed in Incoming Streams within the Engine Manager as active), then this can be passed to the Transcoder to create your ABR streams. You can configure the Transcoder to only be applied to the actual live stream by removing the fallback template and creating a named template to match on stream name so that the mp4 ‘pseudo-stream’ doesn’t also get transcoded. Alternatively, this module may be used to selectively apply Transcoder to specific streams.