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How can we add CEA-608 captions at the time of transcoding


i would like to inject CEA-608 captions at the time of transcoding . Also i would like to know how can i retrieve CEA-608 captions on iOS devices.


We have a tutorial on How to configure closed captioning for live streaming that will walk you through this process.

Apple iOS players can display captions from CEA-608 messages in Apple HLS (Cupertino) streams. You have to enable closed-captioning on the iOS device.

To do this, go to Settings > Video, and then set Closed Captioning to ON.




This is likely something you would need to do in the JW Player javasript API, though I’m not sure that gives direct access to captions data itself, but certainly does allow

you to see what is available. There is a suggestion here regarding displaying the captions outside of the player, and directly on the page, which could be useful.

If this is still a sticking point, there certainly should be more experience in this matter, available via consultants, as Salvadore suggests.


Aiman, if you are still trying to integrate this in your workflow and have not achieved the desired result, you might consider posting a request to the find a consultant forum for hired assistance.



Hello ,

I have already done the configration mentioned in the above link. I can see my captions in live rtmp stream but could not get captions in http stream. I also know the configration on iOS devices which i have already done. Please let me know how can i inject data while transcoding. Is there any way to check in logs if data is entered as live caption in HLS stream

hey Thanks michelle for your post. After spending few more hours with captions, Im able to insert captions and retrieve it on rtmp and hls stream.

Now i would like to retrieve my caption data in jw player . i mean i can see my captions with video but i would like to use the caption value in my javascript code.

Any idea how can we do that… ?

Hi ,

i’m able to inject data (cue point and captions) in live stream and view it on client side side . i can see it on jw player and html5 player. Now i would like to fetch that data(caption and cue point that i see in video player) on client side using javascript or any other way in other to sync my presentation slides.

Hi Aiman,

If you are looking for a way to add debug data for your closed captioning configuration, you can enable the debug properties in your [install-dir]/conf/Application.xml


Please reply with what kind of errors you see in the logs after enabling the debug properties.


Hi Aiman,

Could you clarify on your user requirements a bit more?

…use the caption value in my javascript code… ?

From your posts in the thread, you needed to be able to inject the CEA-608 captions during transcoding, and then view the timed text via rtmp/hls protocols in jwplayer (which sounds like you’ve succeeded in doing so). And at this point you need access to something like the TextTrackList object?