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How can you get rid of the error of the cors?

How can you get rid of the error of the cors?

I’ve already referred to it, but it still has a “Cors” error.

Are you aware that you are requesting an internal address into Give it a try with a WAN address.

thanks for your answer.
but i’m sorry, but i didn’t get it yet.
what is the WAN address?


Aren’t I supposed to use this ip address?

Isn’t this how I test it?

What is means is that the errors clearly says your address of the playlist is not secure (requires ssl) and that it is private (it’s a LAN address). Hence it won’t play. At least first try a Internet address (with proper dns etc) instead and then possible have a ssl setup on it to make it secure.

thanks for your answer.
oh…Can I set up dns in Wowza engine?

Why not. That would be a simple matter of creating a. DNS A record to map a public IP to a domain or sub domain name through your domain management. Also see these articles for ssl help.

I’m trying to use the ssl continuously.
I added a streamlock file. But it’s not working.

error log : GET http://6***** net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Just host it with a public ip ans try first then create a dns record type A for the ip and use that. If it still is is on secure then you need ssl. Stream lock is not compulsory but ssl is.

It’s my first time using it, so I don’t understand it well.
what is the ‘dns record type A’

Isn’t this the ssl setting?

See this. A dns a record is nothing but a. Mapping of your public is address of the instance to a fully qualified domain name. Then you can access the service over the internet using the dns name instead of IP.

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Isn’t this the role of DNS?

Is there any other way to test streaming on the web?

That is saying invalid certificate. Obviously you are trying to use a LAN IP. That won’t do. You need a public IP. Also try to configure some other certificate if you are not good with streamlock, is what I am saying.

Thank you so much.
Is url applied like this?


I really want to test it.

I guess it should…if the url is accessible over then web that it.

@younghwan_kim what Connessione is trying to say as i am, that you are behind a router and in order to play your video you have to do some port forwarding.

Your wowza server is in your LAN and you want to access it from the internet (WAN side). Without portforwarding that will never happen.

You cannot point to a LAN address that is behind your router. The internet does not know this address so it does not know where to go.

Step 1:
From what i see in your comments you are using 3 different addresses, so first things first. Set your wowza server to a dedicated (static) LAN ipaddress. So for example, set the ipadress as a STATIC ipaddress on your wowza server.

Step 2:
open a browser and point it to: (please don’t share it here, keep it to yourself!!). This is your WAN ipaddress.

Step 3
Are you familiar with portforwarding on your router?

Access your router. You have to route port: 1935 to your Wowza LAN address
WAN port 1935 to lan port 1935 on ipaddress

Step 4:
Testing from your LAN:
Open VLC and open the url:

Testing from WAN (internet)
Use your phone or some other player that is outside your wifi or LAN on the url http://YOUR-WANIPADDRESS:1935/Aravada/wondowtest/playlist.m3u8

Tell us the result. If this is working we can move on to the next step.

i hope this makes it a bit easier to understand.

very thank you , I succeeded up to step 4.

@younghwan_kim can you answer these questions?

  1. What is the operating system of your wowza server?
  2. Do you have a public domainname where you have DNS access on. Can you create a subdomain and point it to your WAN IP? (for example: > A record > your WAN IP.
  3. Do you want to use Streamlock or Lets Encrypt?
  • Both are free, but LetsEncrypt can be renewed automaticly. I have never used streamlock, so i have to take a look at that too first.
  1. I’m using Linux.
  2. As you said, I succeeded in streaming using WAN IP as port forwarding, but I can’t use the A record yet.
  3. I want to use streamlock.