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How do I Access a WebVTT file via Media Cache to be used as a sidecar file for JWPlayer?

We have a custom document storage system setup to be accessed via the Media Cache mechanism in Wowza for VOD. We have several custom modules written that take advantage of the amlst functionality for generating a custom MediaList (implementing IMediaListProvider). This all works fine, and allows us to serve up mp4 and WebVTT caption files as sources for the m3u8 that Wowza generates and sends back to JWPlayer. However, we have recently run across the desire to serve up the WebVTT files coming from our custom document storage system as player-side sidecar files (instead of having Wowza ingest the WebVTT files). We cannot seem to figure out the proper URL required to serve up the WebVTT files as player-side sidecar files through the Media Cache system. At present, we are using a prefix of “store/”, and a Base Path of “http://localhost”. Any help or pointers would be much appreciated.

Hi Mike,

Not sure you were following any articles to get this to work, if you have not first please check out this article for details on configuring Wowza Engine to allow Sidecar captions and also examples for getting this to work in JW player.