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How do i configure multiple Content Directories to single application in wowza


I have configured my appliaction with wowza for streaming . I have my content in multilple repositories & i want to access all repositories from single application of wowza. Below is my sample application.xml

default //Hostname/Repository1 //Hostname/Repository2${com.wowza.wms.context.VHostConfigHome}/keys

With the above configuration streaming always happens from the Repository1 since it is the 1st storage directory mentioned in the application.xml.

Is there any other way i can configure multiple content directories to single application in wowza.?

Can someone please respond ASAP


You can use Media Cache which is a read-through caching mechanism built-in with Wowza Streaming Engine™ software that increases the scalability of video on demand (VOD) streaming for your media server configuration. Further details are located in this article:


Alex C.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the response, i tried above configuration but no luck.My requirement is i have content in 2 different repositories (Repository1 has few videos & Repository2 has few videos).I have to play the content from both the repositories using single application from wowza.Is this possible?

Please reply ASAP.



Can some one respond to the above Question regarding the content in 2 different repositories