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How do I disable playback from cache in a live stream?

Hi, I’m currently testing Wowza for our company as a candidate for our live video backbone. The problem is, every time a video buffers or momentarily stops for some reason on the user end, it continues playing from where it stopped, not from the most recent position. This causes the video player to slowly deviate further and further away from live footage. Is there any way to prevent this? Ultra Low Latency does this by default as there is no seeking option, but I couldn’t find any way to achieve the same effect with standard streams.

Hİ @Vojtěch Strnad , video buffer problem will occur due to many reasons. First try to solve this and make it happen very rare.

  • Check the publisher ( software or hardware encoder or web client ? )
  • Does the publisher has stable connection and enough bandwitdth ?
    • You can check this connection status via OBS, this will tell you the connection
  • Did you change any settings such as keyframe interval etc at publisher side ?
  • Check the watcher bandwidth, if watcher network is not stable then enable transcoder and ABR

This kind of controls may help you .

after all control & optimization, you may still come across the freeze & buffer issue, there is two way,


in mobile

the mobile native sdk such as Exo on android automatically play the latest frame, av on ios play the buffered one

in html5

hlsjs plays the older ts segments, because the playlist.m3u8 define chunk and chunk file define ts files with an order, you need to override the hls segment handler to play the latest ts when freeze or buffer status, note that the hlsjs send buffer event for the very first start too


you can consider to change chunk duration & max chunk size for smaller ts & smaller chunklist, it cant be far away from live footage when the package size small such as 1000ms and playlist count under 10 such as 3

Note: when you change playlist count & chunk duration on wowza , you have to set compatible key frame interval on publisher side