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How do I inject binary timed EMSG metadata into Fragmented MP4 (CMAF) HLS Streams?

Hello, I am trying to inject metadata into a CMAF (fragmented mp4) HLS stream. I am following the example here:

I see how to inject text data using the EmsgFrames object, but how do I inject binary metadata like I can do with ID3 in standard HLS?

There seems to be no documentation on this: EmsgFrames class or the EmsgBuilder() used in the example.

Also, what players support extracting this EMSG metadata?


Hi @Dan_Farrow, we can do this with Dash, but we haven’t done much testing as far as HLS. We do have a potential workflow for you to try, but an engineer would like to test it with you in a support ticket please.

Thank you, I opened a support ticket.

Sorry I couldn’t have been of more help to you here in the forums, but glad you asked and hopefully we can work on this together with you in your ticket.