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How do i monitor an applications and receive emails notification about it status??

Hello, I am looking for a system that monitor applications and send a notification by mail when a stream stop to work (tipical 24/7 and maybe the encoder or the wowza stop to work, so went this happen I need to receive an email alarm).

What is the best way to do this?



There is nothing built-in to Wowza with this capability. You could build a custom module using server listeners and the Java Mail libraries.

You may wish to seek advice and /or assistance from a consultant. You can post your request to the find a consultant forum and someone with respond shortly.


As an example, take a look at the IMediaStreamActionNotify3 interface:

How to use IMediaStreamActionNotify3 interface to listen for RTMP stream events (includes codec info)

NOTE: This is used to listen to RTMP stream events. Not exactly what you are looking for.