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How do i montage several live streams into one?


Is there any intro on the API programming (will be probably Java) i need to achieve following: several streams are ingested (through WebRTC from a web page, these will be a screen sharing stream from desktop and several webcam streams from several people), and then combined into a single stream so that a person receiving that new stream sees a big screenshare and small webcams in boxes, and hears sounds from all?

I know a lot about ffmpeg and built an app which ingests streams using rtsp, combines them and sends out, but it works terribly for the reasons i am so far unable to track down.

Is there some ‘idiomatic’ Wowza-way of doing it? Some code template i can look at? There is an example of mixing video of one stream with audio from another stream but this isn’t what i look for - i need to actually combine several videos and several audios into one. For those of you who knows Kurento, ‘composite’ stream from Kurento is what i look for.



Hi Alexander,

This is sometimes referred to as Picture-In-Picture and is really best handled on the encoder side or on the player side. You can use the Wowza Transcoder to create this montage of live streams, but this functionality will need to be developed through the Transcoder API.