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How do we control stream generated by AddAudioTrack module

Dear Team,

I am using AddAudioTrack module to add audio in video stream, it is working fine. but issue is that it is creating multiple streams, which we won’t required. For eg. If We have 2 stream in my application one is 360P and other is 720P, we have to insert audio in only 360P, but module will create streams for both the streams.

My question is, Can we configure it for particular stream or single stream?

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I checked with our engineers @Vijayanand Patil and the module we offer will add the audio track to all streams that hit the application where the module is setup. So the short answer to your question, is that applying the module to only specific streams is not possible.

In the workflow you are describing, we would recommend creating an application specifically for the streams that require the audio track to be added and push the streams that need this to the application. We also offer the source code for the module if you wish to review the code and modify it further customizing it to only work on specific streams… this would also be an option. I hope this helps.

Thank You Rose…

We are creating application specific Streams, but post enabling Transcoder multiple transcoded links are created, and add audio track module, 2 more streams for each transcoded streams. which is the main problem.

Set the stream name as addAudioTrackStreamSourceFilename
Set Transcoder template name as

So stream created by module will be transcoded