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How do we stream our livestream videos from Wowza Streaming Cloud to our Flutter mobile app?

Hi there,

We use the embed code to stream to our web page. How do we stream from Wowza Streaming Cloud using Flutter on our mobile app?

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Hello, per community forum guidelines, in order to avoid duplicate posts with answers for the same question, we ask you to please first enter your question or keywords in the search bar above. A dropdown will appear and you will see the posts where this has been previously answered.

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Hi Rose,

Yes, I did check. I only found answers on streaming TO Wowza FROM Flutter. We want to stream FROM Wowza TO Flutter. We want to be able to display the same video we are streaming to our webpage using the Wowza Streaming Cloud Wowza Player embed code.

I hope this makes sense.

It sure does and thank you for clarifying. That is not something we have tested here at Wowza. So, if you do not get a response from a community member here soon, please submit a support ticket and the engineers will see if they can help you embed it in Flutter. Thank you Jill and I hope all is well with you.

Thanks, Rose!

We do not have anything to share on streaming to Flutter specifically and have not tested this. If it can accept a HLS playback url, we don’t see why you couldn’t if the libraries were compatible, but at this time Wowza has no documentation on this.

If you google Wowza and Flutter, there are some demos on GitHub, but these were not created by Wowza.

If you’d like to try and set it up with an engineer to test it, feel free to send a support ticket and they’ll see what you may need to do.

Did you get any solution for “How to publish Wowza stream to Flutter app and?”