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How do you setup wowza to receive a MPEGTS stream into Wowza Streaming Engine?

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We have an article on how to do this.

Can I then Transcode that MPEGTS stream to multiple bitrates to a CDN? is there an article on that?

Thank you.

You will need to configure what we call “stream targets” for each Transcoder output. We have some stream target examples in the following article:

How to deliver content to your CDN:

Kevin thanks for all your help, but unfortunately I’m still running into dead ends. I am using Teradeck Core to try and push a H.265 Mpeg-TS to my Wowza Streaming Engine.

To send an MPEG transport stream I am using the following settings:

Protocol: “UDP”

Host: “I am using the IP Address of my Wowza Streaming Engine” is this correct?

Port: I tried 10000 and 1935 no luck. Please advise…

Your encoder can point to the IP address and port of Wowza Streaming Engine. Wowza Streaming Engine will listen to the IP address and port you set in your MPEG-TS stream file.

You need to enable the stream file that listens for the live feed before Wowza Streaming Engine can see it then deliver it. Please go to “Incoming Streams” section in your live application to validate that the stream is being seen.