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How do you use the HDS and HLS urls for playback?

I’ve been looking all through this - search, reading, etc. - but can’t find a simple answer. I can copy the embed code from the setup on wowza streaming cloud, but have no idea how to use the direct playback urls. The wowza player works fine on computer and android tablets, but needs flash installed on phones. How can I default to the HLS stream or do this in HTML5? On a reeeeeeeal tight deadline of a broadcast this weekend.

Thanks, and again sorry for the n00bishness…

Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

Please take a look at the Configure your playback setup section of this guide:

Getting started with Wowza Streaming Cloud

For HLS streaming you would use this URL format:





To build on what Salvadore said, Wowza Streaming Cloud provides URLs for Adobe HDS playback using Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR, and Apple HLS playback for playing video on iOS devices, in QuickTime player (version 10 or later), in the Safari web browser, and on HLS-compatible set-top boxes and smart TVs.

You would need to use your own player, like JW Player, Flow Player, or TheoPlayer to use these playback urls.

I hope this helps clarify the direct playback urls.