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How does one become an official Wowza consultant?

I met a lot of consultants, but on the website, there’s no mentioning of what it takes to become one, no certification, no exam, no price that has to pay to become one. There’s even no proof or badge proving ones claim that he’s indeed a consultant.

Hello @Elie Obeid thank you for asking and it’s a fair question. For several years, we did have an official Wowza Consultant program where we partnered with independent contractors, but it was discontinued when we began our Professional Services division. Wowza can be hired directly for custom work now or you still have the option of course to hire a third party, independent streaming consultant. They often run their own streaming consultancy business.

If you are referring to @Karel Boek-Senior Consultant and his listing here in the forums as a Senior Consultant, that is an unofficial title I gave to him in my role as Community Manager, since he was part of the official Wowza consultant program for several years and is extremely knowledgeable on all Wowza workflows.

He enjoys answering questions to help our community in his own free time and although he is not an official Wowza employee, he is a trusted peer and users are welcome to hire Karel or any other person who is offering Consultant work in our Ask A Consultant Forum, including yourself, should you want to post in there. We do not monitor it. Is is 100% outside of official Wowza support.

When a consultant in that forum discusses potential contract work with any one who reaches out to them, they make it clear they are an independent, media streaming consultant and not employed by Wowza. We have no exams or certifications at this time.

Hope that helps answer it.

Another piece of information I do want to share with you @Elie Obeid is that we will be offering a new forum layout in 2020 where there will opportunities to acquire very specific live streaming badges from Level 1 to Level 3 including Wowza MVPs, so stay tuned for that later in 2020. This will allow our forum users to display their advanced streaming knowledge as well.

I’m just asking because my company relies so much on Wowza, and so I’m spending more and more time fixing Wowza related issues, so I thought to become a Wowza consultant at some point since there’s good money on it and since I have no choice but to fix wowza stuff so I’m learning it one way or the other, maybe I could make good money out of it.

Be sure to keep an eye on our open positions @Elie Obeid. :wink: