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How I embed webrtc playback to my site?


I have successfully run live stream on

with URL : wss://client-2.local/webrtc-session.json
But I don’t know what to do next, I need embed this to my site for my client.
Please give me full tutorial for what to do next in detail


We do not have a full tutorial, but we we provide the sample code for you to build your own player on our GitHub WebRTC page here:

Please note that the WebRtc HTML 5 player requires the appropriate javascript skills necessary to translate the code for your own application, but if you’re in need of some assistance, our Professional Services team can help and you can also post in the Hire A Consultant forum.

Hi vinn nguyen,

Do you have a solution to embed webrtc playback on your website?

I am looking for the same solution.

Best regards,