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How many can I make android app?

I have a Gocoder SDK license.
How many can I make android app?

I am using 1 Wowza Streaming Engine server.
Can I make various versions of the app using the SDK via Wowza server?

GoCoder is EOL and no longer supported. Instead you can check e.g. or similar libraries.

Not sure what you mean by “various versions of the app”; if you mean if the licensing allows that, then I recommend that you contact the vendor of the SDK that you decide to use instead of GoCoder.

In addition to what Karel said, you typically would have one app identification number per GoCoder SDK license. It’s known as the app id, so no, you would not be able to build multiple apps off one SDK license at Wowza.

But as Karel said, that product will no longer be offered or supported by Wowza so best to check out softvelum.