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How many channels (applications) can be generated


[origin server information]

CPU: 16Core Mem: 64G bandwidth: 4G or 10G

[input infomation] - no transcoder

Per channel (Application)

  • ABR (stream1 ~ stream6)

  • stream1: audio

  • stream2: 500k

  • stream3: 800k

  • stream4: 1.5M

  • stream5: 2M

  • stream6: 5M

How many channels (applications) can be generated when receiving an incoming signal for each channel from the encoder as above?


We have no way of truly determining an estimate for you since there are so many variables involved from your hardware to number of viewers. We do provide some tools where you can enter some numbers for your specific workflow and get estimates. You can find the formulas explained here:

We also have benchmarks for transcoding. These numbers are for guidance only and your results may vary depending on network traffic, source file composition, configuration, overall operating system overhead, and so on.